Cheadle North & North East

residents uniting to save our area from development

action group

You can contact us via email at or Tel 07773 613 754

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Whenever things happen that we don’t like, we often utter the words, ‘why don’t they do something’, but who is the ‘they’?

We, being ordinary residents just like you, are proud of our historic market town and don’t want to see it ruined by thoughtless and unnecessary development, so we formed the Cheadle North & North East action group and become the ‘they’!

Our aim was to coordinate the strong voice of Cheadle residents and communicate these to SMDC and also provide advice and support in completing the representation forms, which tend to be rather complicated.

Although, with your help, we have been successful in getting SMDC to remove the unsustainable sites in the NE of Cheadle, one site, CH132, is back in the frame, so your support once again is much appreciated.

Thank you for your continued support.

Cheadle N & NE Action group committee